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Dance No Limit projekt navazuje na kulturu Ecstatic Dance, která ve světě láká stále více a více lidí, kteří hledají pod pohybem, tancem a párty více …

It is inspired by cultures where dancing and movement is perceived as one of the possible forms of meditation, relaxation, self-development and self-healing. The mission of the project is to revive the meanings of words dancing, partying in this sense with the intention of creating a safe environment without alcohol, drugs and assessment.

About Us

Safe space

Free from drugs, alcohol and assessment


It is up to you how you want to dance and how much you dare to discover yourself and the people around who have come to celebrate the life of dancing.

To be real

Without social masks


A community of people who love dancing. Join us and enjoy dancing without talking, drinking and nightclub atmosphere. It's a great workout, relaxing mind and body, connecting with yourself and others in a healthy atmosphere.


We believe that, everyone can discover, explore, liberate, and improve the ability to live a fulfilling and meaningful life trough dancing and experience.

Dance has been using and will be used in all corners of the world

V různých kulturách a tradicích vypadá tanec různě. Někde má společenský charakter, někde je formou léčebného rituálu, někde je formou komunikace s duchovním světem a někde je formou zábavy popřípadě různou kombinací z těchto.

Extatický tanec

It doesn't matter what you do, where you're from or how much you are seen on social media. Ecstatic Dance creates a safe environment where identity is forgotten, the real self is found and embraced with authentic love.

Dancing has existed from time immemorial

The dance has been perceived by people as the most natural manifestation of the most important events in life since time immemorial. The dance also served as a compensatory manifestation during constant work, to improve the motivation and enjoyment of life.

Dancing as a healing ceremony

The dance is in many tribes carried out during therapeutic ceremonies, which are attended by either the most important persons or even the entire village.

Sufis use whirling to get into the expanded state of consciousness

The Súfiya dance is still practiced not only by members of the Sufi orders as a form of meditation and self-development.

Dancing as a ritual

Hindu religious rituals pervade their daily lives. Dance is part of all important religious ceremonies. It is attended by everyone, even young children. Quality of performance is very important because it is a form of sacrifice for the gods and souls of ancestors.

Drumming dances of North American Indians

Buben, na který všichni členové skupiny zpěv doprovází, představuje srdce a údery na něj jeho tlukot. Indiání pomocí šamanských tanců komunikují se světem duchů a užívají je jako kolektivní léčebný obřad.

Geishas dance for fun of their audience

Geisha (芸 者) is a Japanese word for a professional companion, usually a beautiful and intelligent woman whose main mission is to entertain men in closed society by dancing, singing, playing musical instruments, intellectual talk or other art. Geishas are typical and indispensable symbols of Japan. In the West, however, they are mistaken for prostitutes.

Party a little bit differently!

Have you ever asked a question at the party: would it be possible to make the most of it even without hangover next day, but on the contrary, to charge, to revive, to add energy to the next days? Or that I would like to dance fully, totaly, but it seems to me that it would be embarrassing for someone to evaluate me as I dance, or maybe I only rate myself?

Ecstatic dance

What is Ecstatic Dance

From the outside it can look like a typical Hippie party, where everyone is on drugs, or as a party of people who have escaped from a mental hospital. But let's not be mistaken. This is Ecstatic Dance, where no one is on drugs. And it's not a kind of party where drugs are not allowed, but everyone is taking them. Here is the drug something else. Here people are connected to music and allow themselves to express themselves authentically. Nobody's judging how you dance, so you can move freely as you want. No one is talking to you, so you can go deep into your experience and if someone wants to join, it will do without words – dancing, gesture. Dancing can be so beautiful if we discard our social masks and let our real self shine. Welcome to Ecstatic Dance.

What you can expect within 3 and half hours

After welcome and presentation of the project we will take the action...

Techniques for releasing the body and mind

The mind often blocks us from taking full advantage of it. Therefore, we often reach out to alcohol or drugs that will help us turn it off. But what if there are other techniques to achieve this? Do you know situations when you go dancing and it is difficult to start? You say for yourself it's embarrassing, my moving looks terrible and another million similar stories. But you may also know the feeling of having this somehow switched. And that's it, that's what we want to work with and where we want to get there. These techniques help just the process of untying themselves from blocking thoughts and switching to the present. They help to switch from the left cerebral hemisphere to the right.


DJ Set

Stává se Vám, že se při tanci na párty dostanete někdy do „automatu“, kdy děláte stále stejné pohyby a tak již nemusíte pozornost cílit na tělo. V ten moment je aktivní opět levá mozková hemisféra, která vymyslí něco, čím nás dostane z prožitku, z užívání si, z plynutí, ze stavu flow… DJ set bude mimo jiné pracovat s muzikoterapeutickými principy a bude podporovat přítomný stav bez automatu. Bude spojením rozličných stylů: ethno, tribe music, dub, house, funky, latino, trance, psy, organic drums …. Zavede vás do rozličných kultur světa vnějšího ale i vnitřního.


Final Meditation

This is often the point of the whole story, but this point is hardly described in words. Imagine that after a few hours of dancing you fall to the ground, completely sweaty and completely surrendered...


Our team

When I first experienced Ecstatic Dance on the island of Koh Phangan in Thailand and after 3 and a half hours of dancing at 30 °C I fell completely sweaty on the ground and listened to the magical void in myself and the sounds of the surrounding jungle, I said to myself: You must bring this home to the Czech Republic. I can't bring the jungle, but the rest adjusted to local environment with the help of friends and you all Yes 🙂...

Tomáš Groulík, Traveler, DJ, musician, web developer

Tomáš Groulík
Alice Nováková

“To dance to freedom… inner freedom… to dance all emotions, fears, tensions… to dance from captivity… to leave space and time and get to the source… these are my own experiences of ecstatic dance, which I myself experienced both in meditation center near Brno, as well as in India or on the island of Koh Phangan in Thailand… and further formed it to a lesser extent for others at seminars… "magic" with music I just enjoy 🙂…

Alice Nováková, ayurvedic massages, musician, 12 years of experience with group management, self-development seminars – work with body energy, breath, trance, meditation, experiential psychotherapy, releasing creative techniques

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