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FAQ for events of category ecstatic dance

Instructions and FAQ


What kind of dance is it?

Ecstatic dance is free dance – it's up to you how you wanna dance

What to take with you (shoes, clothes)?

We dance barefoot or in socks (in case of any reasons that doesn't let you dance barefoot, please use clean mainframe shoes)

Loose light clothing is an advantage.

Do I have to come with partner?

Don't. Both solo dancers and partner or group dancing are welcome.

All authentic expressions are welcome.

If you wanna to scream, do it. If you want to roll over the ground, go for it.

We are not talking in the hall during DJ-set and final meditation.

If you want to chat with someone during the dance – DJ set or final meditation, please do so with respect to others in the neighboring room.

Let's respect the space of others.

Let us respect the space of others when they want to dance on their own. Wait for YES (eye contact, gesture, etc.)

Do I have to dance all the time?

No, all it is up to you, you can rest when you want and do what you want (until you respect the space of others)

How does the final meditation look like?

The music is quieter and turns into a meditative sounds. It can be also live meditation music, if indicated in the event description. You can use the time to relax in a lying position or meditate in sitting or standing.

Registration and payment

How do I book event?

You can reliably book the event by purchasing tickets on our web. We also sell tickets at the door, however there is no guarantee of ticket availability in case of many attendees.

How can I buy a ticket electronically?

Momentálně přijímáme platby prostřednictvím brány paypal – tlačítko KUP NYNÍ (umožňuje i platbu kartou bez registrace viz následující otázka) a převodem na účet – tlačítko ALTERNATIVNÍ PLATBA PŘEVODEM. Vstupné je rezervováno na vaše jméno zadané při platbě.

Při platbě pomocí paypal je převod uskutečnění okamžitě a po úspěšné platbě budete přesměrováni na potvrzovací stránku, kde se oběví potvrzovací kód. Stačí vyfotit mobilem tuto obrazovku popř. zkopírovat kód, vytisknout a přinést sebou.

Payment by bank transfer is usually credited within a few working days. Therefore, it is important to purchase a ticket in advance – no later than 5 days before the event. We do not have your email when making a payment by transfer, however your entrance is reserved by your name in the recipient's message after the payment is credited. If you wish to confirm receipt of payment, please ask for it using the contact form above or by email at

Do I need to register for PayPal if I do not have an account?

Registration for PayPal is not required. You can use the card payment without registration, see the button highlighted in the following picture, which shows the page after pressing the BUY NOW button.

Platba paypal bez registrace

Event Venue

How to find the place?

For each event, the map address is at the bottom of the booking page. The door will be marked with an flyer of event.

Can I sleep there?

Only if it is mentioned at ticket description. In that case, there are also guidelines (what to bring with you to sleep, price)

Carpooling to the place of action?

There is the option to add comments at the bottom of the booking page of each event. This is the perfect place to request or offer carpooling.

Do you know about the space suitable for Dance No Limit event and would you like to invite us?

We are glad for these impulses and we are happy to come if it is in our possibilities and there is enough interested people. In case of help with local promotion, we are open for cooperation in the team for the event.


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